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This is an ever growing, thriving – living list of items we are either needing to fund – with your kind donations – or that can be donated-in-kind.

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As Eagle’s Corner grows, we need not just money, but real items to help keep our
Community running smoothly and efficiently.

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They don’t have to be brand new or any type of ‘brand’, but they do need to be in good working order. The suggestions below, are just that – to give you additional information or ideas on what would be most helpful.

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This is an ever growing, thriving – living list of items we are either needing to fund – with your kind donations – or that can be donated-in-kind. 

All donations are eligible for a tax deduction* based on the current market value of the item.


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[accordionItem title=”Farmer’s Market items for our stall” icon=”fa fa-coffee”]

  • Docket printer
  • iPad can be used with our Square eftpos
  • commercial coffee machine (our current machine is on loan until August 2018)
  • measure shot glassshot glass

[accordionItem title=”Lawn & Garden Maintenance” icon=”fas fa-tree”]

Powered Equipment

  • Ride on mower – mid mount turn / tractor style
    • Second hand 1approx.. $2000 – $4000
  • Honda Self Propelled Mower – 21 inch Cut Contractors Mower
    • Purchase new a1pprox.. $1480
  • Multi Tool Whipper Snipper (Husqvarna or similar) with following attachments:
    • Pole Saw attachment $429
    • Hand held Petrol Blower (Husqvarna or similar) – $450
    • Hand held Petrol Hedger (Husqvarna or similar) – $479
    • Petrol Chainsaw (Husqvarna or similar) – $450

Hand Tools

  • 2 x long handled shovels – $60 each
  • 2 x 80 litre bins for green waste – $15 each Tool boxes for equipment – $300 each second hand for sturdy lockable box
  • 20 x LARGE white green waste / chaff bags – $40 for group of 20
  • 2 x pair Cyclone hand pruners or similar – $25 each
  • 1 x Cyclone hedging sheers – $35
  • 1 x Fiskars bow saw – $15
  • 1 x small foldable pruning saw – $20
  • 1 x Cyclone bypass saw – $25
  • 1 x ‘magic’ fine pronged rake – $30

[accordionItem title=”Clothing, Toiletries & Perishables” icon=”fas fa-shower”]

  • Seasonal, clean, and like-new clothing (Teenager thru to Adult sizes strongly preferred)
  • NEW socks
  • NEW underwear
  • shoes
  • toothbrush, floss, razors, hygiene products
  • bottled water
  • perishable food prepared by a commercial kitchen
  • unopened, unexpired & dent-free non-perishable food
  • unopened toiletries, including travel sized
  • shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, lotions, deodorant

[accordionItem title=”Housing” icon=”fa fa-home”]

  • Solar Power Solar Power
  • Water tanks & pumps
  • Sonic pest deterrents
  • Hot water bottles
  • Drying / Clothes horses
  • Large print NKR version Bibles
  • Laminater
  • Hot Water
  • Septic system (worms) Worm Septic System
  • Office & On-site staff quarters Portable Office
  • Commercial Cooking options

[accordionItem title=”Farming” icon=”fa fa-leaf”]
We need tools & equipment for the following:

  • Vegetables
  • Bee keeping Honey Flow
  • Dairy
  • Chainsaw
  • Workboots

[accordionItem title=”Motor Vehicles” icon=”fa fa-bus”]

  • Farm bikes Farm bikes
  • Farm Vehicles Farm Vehicles
  • People Mover & Mini Bus – this one is 4WD & 8 seats – ideal for our needs, you can find out more herePeople Mover
  • Tractors Tractors
  • Generators Generators

[accordionItem title=”Technology” icon=”fa fa-laptop”]

  • Printers & Scanner
  • Digital Cameras
  • Desktop Computers
  • Monitors
  • Projector
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • iPods, iPad & iPhone’s


To make a donation from our wish list, call us or email us through [hopeButton color=”orange” textcolor=”#FFFFFF” type=”small” url=”” target=”_blank” icon=”fa fa-pencil”]Contact Us[/hopeButton]

*ATO rules & regulations apply. A receipt will be issued for this amount.

We are fully registered with ATO, ABR & ACNC Australia’s Charity Register.

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