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Shalom visit

Peter Lyndon-James, the founder & CEO of Shalom House in Perth, invited us (staff members Michael & Michelle) to live in the community & spend as long as we needed to learn the details of his program we jumped at the opportunity.

Why we went to stay in Shalom House

Three years of research looking for an effective way to provide a way out of homelessness & disadvantage into a new, fulfilling life led us to successful residential programs in UK & Italy.

Until recently, we could find no program in Australia that matched the standard of Emmaus & San Patrignano. Shalom House in Perth ticked all the boxes for us & when Peter Lyndon-James, the founder & CEO  invited us to live in the community & spend as long as we needed to learn the details of his program, we jumped at the opportunity.

Shalom hike

What we learnt from our time at Shalom House

Shalom is effective because it has implemented the right balance in all areas of an holistic rehab

It aims to achieve the greatest possible outcome in the shortest time – usually 12 months & that is the restoration of the lives of former addicts & the restoration of damaged family relationships.

We have learnt that the essential aspects behind the high success rate are :-

  • Strong discipline to make sure rules are kept & there are consequences if broken
  • Allow the residents to concentrate entirely on the changes they need to instigate– getting their thinking, heart issues & spiritual awareness in order while removing their dependence on substances & cigarettes. During this period of about 3 months, Shalom admin staff look after all distracting “worries” like fines, debt, court cases & loss of ID documents
  • Providing supportive counselling to identify the root causes of paths to addiction
  • Reconnection with family members at induction & through shared meals & fellowship on Saturday family nights
  • Gradual release of residents back into the local community exposing them to temptation & instilling a work ethic through community projects, jobs organized by the Shalom social enterprise business & paid employment with private companies.
  • Testing & checking towards the end of the program on the progress of every resident in employment which has then built up to full time work to see if they are applying the principles learnt in the program, mixing with the right people & resisting temptation.
  • Bringing residents back to a less advanced stage of the program if they do not receive good reports from employers or slip back into old patterns of behavior & making sure they learn from their mistakes & move forward again in the program

Shalom meeting

Find out more about Shalom House here

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