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Shalom House

Shalom House offers a live-in facility located in the scenic Swan Valley of Western Australia. Men and families who meet the criteria and who are ready to embrace serious change in their lives, can commit to the program for a 12 month period to undergo a restoration process in the safety of a disciplined and controlled environment.

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Restoring the Lives of Men and Families in Our Community

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Shalom House Rehabilitation Centre, Perth Western Australia






Shalom House is a men’s residential rehabilitation centre located in the heart of the Swan Valley in Perth Western Australia, only 23km from the Perth CBD. Our focus is on bringing restoration to the lives of men and families in our community. At present our program caters for up to 85 men, including their partners and children.

We offer a holistic rehabilitation program that focuses on bringing restoration to all areas of the resident’s life, including finances, relationships, heart issues, employment, education and training for the future.

Our program is practical and hands on, ensuring that residents and all involved in Shalom are valued and contributing members of the community. We offer our services to anyone with a life-controlling issue, whether it be addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol or people with anxiety, fear or emotional trauma.

The founder of Shalom House Peter Lyndon-James, understands the need for rehabilitation and how hard it is to break free from life controlling issues, having himself come from a background of 26 years in addiction.[/column]
[column span=”span6″ alignment=””]Peter comes from a broken home, he has been institutionalised from the age of nine, and addicted to drugs for most of his life. His struggle to break free from the life that held him captive was a process that taught him a great deal. Peter now uses what he has learned to help set others free from what held him captive for so many years.




Out of Peter’s painful experiences, came a strong desire to help others who were going through similar trauma.

Peter set out to help men, who required intensive attention and support to overcome deeply entrenched behaviours and addictions that made their lives unmanageable. Before long, it became clear that a live-in restoration program was required to restore these damaged lives.

In 2012, Peter opened a safe house, where men with life-controlling issues could voluntarily take up residence to be guided towards a comprehensive restoration of their lives by someone who truly understands what they are going through.

It started with one resident and five years later, rose to up to over 80 residents living across eight houses under the ‘Shalom House’ banner.

Many of the man in the Shalom House program are married and have children. Our couples program includes both partners residing at Shalom House, including their children, to bring restoration not only to the individual and the relationship, but to the whole family unit. Shalom Houses are opened according to the need and there are no waiting lists.

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