Rebuild | Restore | Renew

Our abstinence-based program caters to the needs of each individual improving their outlook for the future.

We have seen the lasting change that occurs by providing a structured, manual work based model within a supported family style environment. Participants learn the tools and life skills needed to make better decisions and develop a strong work ethic while counselling provides an opportunity to address challenging life issues such as substance use, depression or anxiety.

Our disciplined approach instils a high standard of respect for self and others, building responsibility and integrity. Organised daily routines around cleanliness, personal hygiene and care for property are just the beginning.

Applicants come from a whole variety of backgrounds, cultural experiences and learned behaviours. There are expectations for living in our community but individual needs are supported.

Everyone is required to participate in a full week of various activities including physical work, and educational studies. This will take place around the home property, the nearby farm and by participating in social enterprises within the local area.

As skills and confidence grow, residents will transition into employment or training opportunities while still being guided and monitored within the program. Everyone will move through the stages at their own pace.

Saturday is generally our recreation day with opportunities to go walking and bike riding on the many wonderful dedicated trails in the area, swimming at various pools, rivers and lakes as well as excursions in the surrounding countryside. Sunday’s we attend church and go shopping for personal items.

During this initial Rebuild period new participants become familiar with their environment and the people they live with.The various requirements and expectations include:

  • A commitment to adhere to the rules and policies, a desire to change, and a willingness to accept instruction are important for a suitable candidate.
  • External distractions such as phones and other technology are removed allowing them to concentrate on their recovery. Outside contacts will be limited initially, before starting the task of restoring family relationships.
  • Obtain relevant identification and assess legal and financial situations.
  • Seek to identify and address underlying issues and root causes with counselling and mentoring.
  • Improve physical well being with medical support,healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle activities as a part of our holistic approach.
  • Random drug testing and room inspections.


  • Increased contact with family and friends as they work on improving and Restoring relationships.
    Personal development studies designed to equip participants with additional life skills and coping strategies.
  • Begin to explore future pathways for work or study and create goals for the future.
  • Participate in approved sporting activities.

By this stage we encourage additional responsibilities within the program as they help support other participants. Building skills and confidence to move forward while gaining additional privileges and freedoms.

The best outcome for our residents at this stage is to be working towards their chosen career and future goals whilst still being supported by Eagles Corner. Individuals will become responsible for managing personal appointments, work and program commitments with a Renewed sense of hope for the future.