As Eagle’s Corner grows, we need not just money, but real items to help keep our
Community running smoothly and efficiently.

They don’t have to be brand new or any type of ‘brand’, but they do need to be in good working order. The suggestions below, are just that – to give you additional information or ideas on what would be most helpful.

This is an ever growing, thriving – living list of items we are either needing to fund – with your kind donations – or that can be donated-in-kind. 

All donations are eligible for a tax deduction* based on the current market value of the item.

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Farmer’s Market Items for our stall:

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Powered Equipment

Hand Tools

Clothing, Toiletries & Perishables


We need tools & equipment for the following:

Motor Vehicles


To make a donation from our wish list, call us or email us through Contact Us

*ATO rules & regulations apply. A receipt will be issued for this amount.
We are fully registered with ATO, ABR & ACNC Australia’s Charity Register.
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