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June Newsletter 2018

It is my pleasure to announce that after 4 years of vision, dreaming, planning, travel, research & experiences at restoration communities, in both Australia & Italy, we accepted on the 13th April, our first participant into the Eagles Corner program

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From the CEO

It is my pleasure to announce that after 4 years of vision casting, dreaming, planning, travel, research & live-in experiences at restoration communities, in both Australia & Italy, we accepted on the 13th April, our first participant into the Eagles Corner program.

Two more residents have entered the doors of our well-appointed residence, which is set amidst the beautiful countryside of North East Victoria.  With the implementation of the first stage of our 12 month program, our guys are already moving forward in their recovery from past addictions.

In October 2017 we were able to lease a 5 acre property with 2 residences – a cottage for Michelle our Operations Manager & a 4 bedroom house for our residents & house leaders. The property also includes an orchard, vegetable garden, grazing area for our goat, Bella, wooded walkways, flower beds & beautifully manicured hedges  on the driveways. This provides the participants with the many jobs so essential to the work/activity part of our program.

I look forward in the coming months to seeing the lives of our first residents continue their journeys towards being fully restored. They will also continue to find meaning & purpose in their lives, their faith strengthens & employment opportunities open up within the community.

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Meals @ the Bridge – overview

The last 12 months has seen a remarkable effort by Dorel & Mihaela Brindas & their committed team in maintaining the standard of home cooked food & consistency of service at the St Luke’s hall in Dorcas Street, South Melbourne.

The enforced move from Batman Park to South Melbourne in May 2017 has shown in many ways, the amazing resilience & loyalty of both our volunteers & guests.

It was thought this separation from the CBD homeless scene, which would see a reduction in attendance & a less effective service.

But, 3 weeks ago, 40 people came to the Dorcas Street hall for a meal & community – a significant increase to previous weeks.

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The original vision for ‘Meals’ was to be so much more than just a ‘soup kitchen’ & meal hand-out. This is still held to firmly, but remains our greatest challenge to maintain. The welfare dependent society that Australia has become, reduces the motivation for real change in a  person’s life. The hunger for food needs to be matched, with a hunger for something outside ourselves & our circumstances.

Our Eagles Corner team recently spent time with a young man in Albury who was once a regular Meals @ the Bridge guest and homeless in Melbourne,  who is now married and running his own home renovation business. He even occasionally volunteers his time with the guys at Eagles Corner. Now that’s the sort of result we look forward to seeing more of.

Michael Carter – CEO

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This is the remarkable letter written by 7 year old Joe K in 2013 to one of our homeless guys (Chris) who was sleeping rough under the railway bridge near King Street. He brought it to Meals & Michael asked for a copy.

As there was an address on it, Michael replied thanking him for his heart felt response to homelessness. 4 years later, Joe was visiting Melbourne again & still remembered his interaction that day and the response from Michael.

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This is what he wrote via our Meals @ the Bridge website:

Hey, I was on holiday in 2013 and I was 7 and my mum and I found a homeless persons set up and so we went to the shop and got the essentials worth about 50/100 dollars and I left my e mail and address and on the 13/8/13 I received a letter in the mail from Michael Carter and it reads:

Dear Joe, last Sunday night one of our homeless people who comes to us showed me the note you had written. Your words really touched me and I want to thank you so much for getting groceries for him. It sometimes takes the point of view of a young boy like yourself to put a fresh look on homelessness and make us realise what an impact a generous act can achieve.

I hope you keep doing things like that, bless you Michael Carter

I wanted to say my Father and I are in Melbourne from Saturday to Tuesday and I wanted to know if I could meet Michael. Thanks, yours sincerely Joe K


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This is the visit by Joe & his Dad to Meals @ the Bridge at our current Sth Melbourne venue– 4 years on!

Michael was pleased to be able to tell him that Chris, the homeless man he had helped previously, found accommodation 6 months later with a friend & is still with a roof over his head, as far as we know.


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