Important Questions

You probably have many questions, we will try to answer some of them. Click on each question for our answers & check out our useful Links page.
  1. Contact us: If you are wanting help, please read the Home, About us, Program and Important Questions pages. If you need further assistance please call 0477 814 655 or SMS to organise a video call in Auslan with our team. If you need advice for a hearing family member,  call Michael on 0402252041
  2. Interview: Once your commitment has been ascertained, one or more interviews will be organised during which the methods, principles and program will be explained. At the end of the interview if you are approved, you can freely decide whether or not the Eagles Corner Program suits your needs.
  3. Preparation for intake: information will be provided outlining fees, documentation and personal belongings required. The sooner you can organise these things the better. 

Eagles Corner has a unique program designed to assist Deaf men in need. We have a Deaf house leader/mentor to help you through. We have people with Auslan skills and communication support staff to help you engage with hearing people in the program and wider community. We will help you set up your NDIS plan if needed and book fully qualified interpreters for important meetings and discussions.

Don’t make an excuse for not changing your life please contact us to discuss what arrangements can be made. If you are desperate enough then money won’t be a factor, there may be options available.

We require residents to make a minimum commitment of 12 months. We believe that lasting change can’t be achieved over a short period of time, some will take longer than others to transition back into a fulfilling life. These steps are outlined in our Program page.

We allow medications that assist in physical issues e.g. heart medication, blood pressure and Ventolin etc..

If you have been diagnosed with any mental health issues, we will require an opportunity to consult with your GP in order to assess the suitability of our program to meet your medical needs and find the best option available.

Sometimes Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, and other substances, are used to mask deeper issues that the individual is unable to face. We want to reveal the underlying problems so that they can be dealt with. Our hope is to eventually reduce or eliminate medications to find a healthy balance.

During your assessment, you will be encouraged to start withdrawing and for high risk cases, arrange a placement in a Detox facility. You will need to be free of substances prior to entrance in our program.

Short answer : Yes

However we expect a reduction of smoking during your time with us hopefully leading to a quit option. We will help support you in the withdrawal process.

Working closely with family members with the objective of restoring healthy relationships is important. Initially there will be a no contact period allowing time for you to concentrate on your recovery and reduce distractions. Depending on the situation, this may vary.

We request that non-serious romantic relationships are put on hold or ended before entering our program to increase your chance of success.

No unfortunately, but we have 2 dogs that are part of the program.

If you feel your loved one may be ready to take the step toward recovery and they would like more information on our program then encourage them to read through our website and get them to contact us. From there we will assess if they would benefit from our program. There may be other places we can recommend but unless they are serious about wanting change, we can’t help.

If you are currently supporting someone at home who is struggling with addiction and they are opposed to any suggestion of change, then you may need to consider implementing strong boundaries or decide if they need to leave your house . Without these boundaries, relationships between those suffering from addiction and their loved ones can become severely fragmented and broken. We suggest you contact your local Alcohol and Other Drugs counselling center for information on how to get support during this trying time. Our links page may help you with additional resources or information.

Yes, there is a separate facility for women. Contact us for more detail.

If you believe the Eagles Corner’s program is the right fit for you, you’ll want to start as soon as possible, so familiarise yourself with the Home, About us, The Program and Important Questions pages of our website, then contact our team on 0477 814 655 (voice or sms).