Eagles Corner is currently transforming – our goals remain unchanged. What we have learnt during our RRR Pilot Program will be used to enhance the gap of understanding between both the Deaf & Hearing cultures. Stay tuned …

Eagles Corner is a Recovery Program for people struggling with life controlling issues such as drug and alcohol dependence, anxiety and depression. It services the Regional Victoria & Melbourne.

We are an integrated Deaf and Hearing Organisation aiming to bridge the gap of understanding between both cultures. We create a safe place for men and women to get the help they need in a community environment where we support one another. Physical, emotional and spiritual needs are nurtured, personal identities recovered and hidden potential discovered.

Our aim is to bring hope, restore dignity and purpose, while imparting the skills needed to take steps toward restoring family relationships and building productive and fulfilling lives.

Residents learn new patterns of behaviour and a way of thinking that brings long-term recovery. Personal growth occurs through interaction with peers, daily work routines, sporting activities and recreational interests.

With a practical, hands on approach our residents learn to lead healthy lives free from the use of substances. Our intention is to develop effective interpersonal communication, shape character and build accountability. 

Challenged to confront old mindsets and the consequences of poor choices, residents learn to resist things that have controlled them in the past.  Within a Christian context we encourage a culture of love, kindness, respect, patience, honesty and humility. Equipped with a new sense of identity, they gain respect for themselves and others and build the resilience needed for life beyond Eagles Corner.



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