Eagles Corner’s purpose is to empower the Deaf and Hard of Hearing by building bridges to connect, contribute and participate in the wider community.

We provide opportunities through Deaf friendly services in Auslan and assist in navigating the NDIS while ensuring improved access and inclusion.  

We continue to evolve and adapt to meet the diverse needs of our clients to set and achieve their goals, gain additional life skills and improve overall wellbeing. Our collaboration with likeminded organisations allows us to offer individual support and services for those with life controlling issues including Mental Health, addiction and social isolation.

Eagles Corner RRR Pilot Program revealed the specific need for additional supports tailored to those struggling and requiring individual options for recovery from addiction. Our RRR Program successfully integrated both Deaf and Hearing individuals while in Recovery. We were small and could only help a few who were Deaf.

What challenges are faced by the Deaf community?

There is a lack of research and knowledge around mental health problems within the Deaf community, in language or format that is accessible to Deaf people (sign language, video with captions, picture).

A Deaf person may not have knowledge about substances and risks to health of using substances, due to social isolation, educational limitations or prevention programs not being delivered in a linguistically and culturally accessible way.

What if we changed to better help the Deaf community?

By providing communication support to a program like Impact Recovery, we are able to expand our reach into the Deaf community. This includes Deaf Awareness education and basic Auslan skills, with the aim of bridging the gap of understanding between both cultures.

Eagles Corner is now based in Bendigo and providing a variety of Deaf friendly services in both Auslan and English within Australia. Our partnerships with Karli’s Health Centre, Signpedia, Bendigo Deaf Hub and Impact Recovery allows us to provide opportunities for culturally Deaf appropriate holistic care.


A few of our sponsors who have supported us

Impact Loves Eagles

Alcohol and other drugs support and residential rehabilitation services.

“We are pioneering a unique program of supports for the Deaf in bendigo and beyond!”

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